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Tiana Patrice

We are on a mission to identify, acknowledge and crush the root of YOUR fear.

Tiana Patrice is on a mission to redefine what it means to be fearless.

Hailed as the “fearLESS Activator”, Tiana believes it’s not enough to simply face your fear and rise. But you must Activate Your fear.LESS. by doing the work to clip the root. Because of this, Tiana is on assignment to break generational strongholds of fear, and help leaders breakthrough to win on purpose, in purpose.

In her best selling book series Dear Fear, Tiana partners with leaders from across to globe to create blueprints of what it looks like to acknowledge and take action against your fear of failure, success, possibilities, disappointment etc…

Her messages have been seen, read, and heard on multiple media outlets such as Forbes Women Under 30, ABC, CBS, Huffington Post and more.

“In this season we can’t afford to let fear win. Our destiny, and those who we are called to lead depend on us combating our fear with faith.  Now isn’t the time to be afraid, now is the time to strengthen your faith and do the things God is calling you to do” -Tiana Patrice 


What Is Dear Fear?

Simply put, Dear Fear is a leadership development program designed for leaders who are ready to release their voice and tell their stories on the other side of fear…

Created in 2017, Dear Fear has now birthed more than 50 authors, located in 15 states, 3 countries and over 20 professions. We teach leaders how to write their books for maximum impact, brand in alignment and market for overflow. Interested in learning more? Click the link below to schedule a call with a destiny advocate!

Becoming An Author Will Transform Your Life!

There are 3 ways that becoming an author will transform your life, career and busisness!

Becoming an author will allow you to position yourself as the expert in your field, increase your engagement and create an additional stream of revenue. Interested in learning more? Click the link and schedule a call with our destiny advocate. 

Identifying Fear

Unsure if you identify or connect with fear? We understand, and here is how we help our authors…

Many times we don’t understand the many ways fear shows up in our lives. Fear shows up as control, doubt, self sabotaging beliefs and much more. Our role is to help you navigate through the trenches and identify, acknowledge and take action on the fear keeping you from what God has called you to do. You are not alone! Schedule a call with our destiny advocates to learn more about the Dear Fear Process today.

Before You Commit

Dear Fear is NOT for everyone. It is not for you if you aren’t ready to do the work and surrender to the process. 

Before you commit, understand that this is a journey and a process that requires submission, surrendering and trust. Will it be easy? No. Is it necessary? Absolutely. There is a nation waiting for you on the other side of your fear. We want to help you get to your nation. Schedule a call today and let’s see if Dear Fear is a great fit for you. 

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