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Can I Take You On A Journey? A journey of becoming. But first releasing the parts of yourself that you created to survive. A journey of self-discovery. Facing the mirror and seeing all of you; the broken and the whole you. A journey of healing. From the wounds separating you from the fullness of whom God created you to be. Are you willing to walk with me for a bit?

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Back To The Beginning

The Anatomy of A Barren Place: Back To The Beginning “Baby, stop running back and forth to that door”- Grandma Ruthie Lee “I’m just waiting on my daddy to come back”- Young Patrice It’s impossible to tell the end of a story, without the beginning. I don’t mean the surface beginning with sunshine and rainbows, accolades and “as seen in”.  I mean the ugly truths that for years we try to hide with beautiful smiles, careers, and glittery brands. The ugly truths that many of us skip over once we find a version of success that doesn’t mirror where we have

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Exposure Before Elevation

Read My Lips I. Don’t. Want. You. It was August 20, 2019. Those words played over and over like a broken record, chopped, screwed and rejected. There I was standing in the doorway of a borrowed bedroom, him lying in bed, 25 days after the bottom of our marriage fell out. I stood there with tears in my eyes, begging my ex-husband for counseling. Begging him to get in the ring. Begging him to stay. Begging him to try. Begging to fix the very thing, that I didn’t break. Yet there I was, standing in the ring taking blow, after

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