Back To The Beginning

The Anatomy of A Barren Place: Back To The Beginning “Baby, stop running back and forth to that door”- Grandma Ruthie Lee “I’m just waiting on my daddy to come back”- Young Patrice It’s impossible to tell the end of a story, without the beginning. I don’t mean the surface beginning with sunshine and rainbows, accolades and “as seen in”.  I mean the ugly truths that for years we try to hide with beautiful smiles, careers, and glittery brands. The ugly truths that many of us skip over once we find a version of success that doesn’t mirror where we have

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Exposure Before Elevation

Read My Lips I. Don’t. Want. You. It was August 20, 2019. Those words played over and over like a broken record, chopped, screwed and rejected. There I was standing in the doorway of a borrowed bedroom, him lying in bed, 25 days after the bottom of our marriage fell out. I stood there with tears in my eyes, begging my ex-husband for counseling. Begging him to get in the ring. Begging him to stay. Begging him to try. Begging to fix the very thing, that I didn’t break. Yet there I was, standing in the ring taking blow, after

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Dear Kingdom Leader

Dear Kingdom Leader, Welcome To Barren To Breakthrough: A Series On Wholeness, Freedom & The Healing Power of Jesus I’ve been praying for the right time and space to release my story to the world. To be honest I thought I would have shared more of it by now than I have, but God needed more time with me. He needed more time to hold me and be my Father, to shift my perspective, and to heal and minister to the broken places. He needed more time to teach me how to trust, love and be patient with him. He

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