minister • artist • coach

*new album*


minister • artist • coach

*new album*

Can I Take You On A Journey?

A journey of becoming.

But first releasing the parts of yourself that you created to survive.

A journey of self discovery.

Facing the mirror and seeing all of you; the broken and the whole you.

A journey of healing.

From the wounds separating you from the fullness of who God created you to be.

Are you willing to walk with me for a bit?

this walk is going to be uncomfortable...

But necessary.

It requires you to identify the wounds that you built a life ontop of.

There’s healing there.

It requires you to acknowledge the areas of your life that you allowed your trauma to play ther leading role.

There’s deliverance there.

It requires you to take your pot, that holds the shame, defeat, fear and leave it at the well with Jesus.

There’s freedom there.

Are you ready to journey with me?

We’re heading to the well. There is an intentional meeting happening there just for you.

it's a safe place...

A place where you are not judged.

A place where you are seen and heard.

A place where you can exchange your pieces with the wholeness of Jesus.

A place where you learn to thrive.

Not just survive.

let's take this journey...together

From Trauma To Victory