Heal. That's The Mandate

What Would Your Life Look Like If...

You Finally STOPPED Procrastinating In Your Purpose

You Didn't Chase The Picture Of Success, But Actually Discovered YOUR Purpose

You Didn't Have To Wear The "Smile" & Could REALLY Be Free

You Finally HEALED & Produced From Your Wholeness

You Were Able To Lead From A Place Of Freedom

You FINALLY Crushed The Head Of Fear & Made The Impact You Were Designed To Make

You Broke Free From STUCK and Birthed The Vision For YOUR Life

It’s time to get to the truth of the matter. What is the REAL reason you haven’t FULLY launched into the call on your life? Assessments and Assassinations is a Free 4 Part Series designed for high performing leaders who are  ready to take a deep dive into their life, face the mirror and unleash the new leader that is desperate to emerge. 

Have The Courage To Face The Mirror!


Get to the truth of the matter. Learn how to assess where you are and identify the gaps to where you desire to be. This process isn’t easy, but necessary! That’s why I’ve brought the best team together to help you ASSSESS and WIN!


Over the course of 4 weeks you will have identified areas of your life that can’t go with you into the next season of your life. Your next step is to create a plan of assassination! It doesn’t matter if it’s doubt, fear, your own self-sabotaging beliefs, we are committing to helping you crush it beneath your feet, and boldly walk into your next level.

 If it’s not in alignment, it can’t be apart of your assignment. 


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About Tiana Patrice

Tiana Patrice is on a mission to help high performing leaders get to the root of their unhealed wounds, heal, and produce from their wholeness. As the founder of The Fearless Experience,  Tiana works with leaders all over the world, helping them dismantle the spirit of fear, and walk boldly into the assignment and call that God has for their lives.  

Her movement has been spotlighted in The Huffington Post, Forbes Women, ABC and more.  To date she and her team have set leaders ablaze in more than 20 states and 3 countries, and this is just the beginning.