Client Success Stories


Working with Tiana was more than I asked for. During our time together I finally launched my presence on-line: something I had been scared to do for months. With Tiana’s structured launch systems, resources and tools, I was able to launch a beta program and serve some clients which helped me get clearer on the clients I want to serve and those I don’t care to work with. Tiana was more than generous with her time and resources and I felt like I had a support system to help me get through my biggest block from childhood: standing out and being seen in my true nature. Most of the work we got done together had nothing to do with my business. It was really family issues that were keeping me from launching. And with Tiana’s help, I went ahead and launched anyway and have overcome my fear of using my voice. Now I’m in a place where I can continue building my business from an authentic place.


Working with Tiana was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Tiana is the real deal. She will get you out of ‘dream mode’ and into ‘action mode’. She helped me to take practical, specific action which moved me forward and helped me to launch my first paid program. I really appreciate how she would often get me back on track anytime I let my multi-passionate tendencies get the better of me. At the same time I felt that she really saw me for who I was, she saw my full potential. She was so supportive as I gained more clarity about exactly what it was I wanted to do with my business. In addition to all that, she is a great resource for putting together sales pages, blogging, and other marketing efforts. I loved picking her brain whenever I felt stuck. I’m so glad I got the chance to work with Tiana right at the beginning of my business journey, and because of this my business has really flourished.


Tiana was the secret ingredient that my burger biz was missing to make everything delicious! Within the first 15 minutes of our clarity call she got right to the point and found my mental blocks, which allowed me to break them down and become very clear with my my business VERY FAST! Within the hour, we built a game plan that could be implemented immediately and I could finally see how much my services are really worth and why I started it all in the first place. I absolutely recommend Tiana’s expertise and I am looking forward to working with her for a very long time


Working with Tiana was amazing. Tiana forced me to actually make choices and move forward in my business, she became the vital voice of reason every time I felt paralyzed by fear of failure. She provided the practical steps to understand my clients, create effective packages, and help me earn money (while following up consistently to make sure I did them!), but even more importantly, she was a sounding board for my worries and helped me feel grounded. Tiana taught me to recognize, wrestle down, and consciously dissolve my entrepreneurial fears. (I know I’ll be writing mantras and positive affirmations for years to come! That’s totally Tiana’s thing)

After my time with Tiana,  I finally understand where business clarity comes from: the confidence to choose a starting point, share it loud and proud, and evolve my message with the knowledge that follows. Even better, I recognize that my power comes not from applause, approval, and finding the perfect answer to every question, but from a wellspring inside me that I can (and will) access every day. I truly feel confident and ready to take my confidence to the next level. 


I wish Tiana would make a pocket version of herself so I can have her guidance anytime and anywhere! I loved how quickly Tiana was able to relate to me and my business. She instantly understood what my passion was a how I wanted to share it with the world. This made it easy for me to explain the blocks I was experiencing in my biz and Tiana wasted no time finding solutions and creating clear, attainable action steps I could take to get my biz unstuck and moving full speed ahead in no time! Plus, she was so REAL and HONEST with her advice, she told me exactly what I need to hear that, perhaps I wasn’t confessing to myself. This helped me to be able to start moving forward in my business despite the fears I had. That was a huge breakthrough for me and allowed me to start my next action steps immediately with more confidence!

 She is seriously no nonsense and seeks results for her clients. She is able to provide so much value in such a short time. Truly, it was a wonderful experience and Tiana is a miracle worker!!!