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Tiana Patrice is a best selling author, transformational speaker, trainer, business strategist and coach, whose mission in life is to help others envision, create and fulfill their dream life. Tiana’s energetic, authentic and no nonsense style approach set her apart in the industry. With a natural capability to motivate and inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and create their best life, Tiana brings to the stage a down to earth, practical how to that is creative, dynamic and unique. Using true life stories of failure, being a mom in business, pushing through her own fears, challenges, and success, Tiana’s presentations motivate her audiences along their life and business journey as well. Tiana’s presentations are truly one of a kind, delivering business growth that is witty, humorous and polished with professionalism. Her trainings are results oriented, information packed and guaranteed to give your audience great strategies and ideas to implement immediately.  Your audience will leave ready to accomplish their personal, career or business goals, become more effective, more profitable and more successful.

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  • Are you ready to #ActivateYourFearless and start living the life you were meant to live? Learn from best selling author Tiana Patrice how to release the shackles of fear that are holding you back in life and business.

  • Your “WHY” is the foundation of your profitable business, but more importantly, your “WHY” is what fuels you when feel like throwing in the towel. Learn how to dig deep and get crystal clear on your “WHY” and use is as to fuel your success.

  • You were designed for greatness! You were created for excellence! But we all have days where we set aside our dreams to live the life we think we are supposed to live. Learn how to elevate your excellence and live life on YOUR terms, by gaining confidence, clarity and strategies to leave mediocre behind.  

  • Are you struggling in your business? Stuck and frustrated with the not feeling like the expert? Learn, from Tiana’s best selling book,  how to keep your faith in alignment with your dreams, and open yourself up to all forms of abundance in your life and business.

  • Struggling to build, grow, and sustain your business? This training will teach you how to dive deep into your purpose, and reignite your passion. Learn how to unlock your fullest potential and profit your passions.

  • Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. OH MY! Want to learn social media, but unsure how to start or which platform is best for you? Are you maximizing the amazing opportunities of social media to grow your business? Learn how to grow build and profit their businesses using innovative and authentic online strategies.

  • Running a business is 80% mindset, and 20% strategy. Learn how to shift your mindset, get focused and take action on revenue producing activities.

Tiana has been a hit with The Small Business Adminstration, Women’s Groups, Entrepreneurial Organizations’, Local Organizations, The Chamber of Commerce, and Leadership Groups.

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Tiana’s training in skilled listening, business strategies, sales, personalized coaching and development as well as motivational support is a natural talent further groomed by many years of corporate development. Her tenacity and drive to always push above and beyond the status quo carved her abilities to become the successful entrepreneur she is today. Tiana’s continuous pursuit to be her best self and fearless approach allows her to navigate any situation where the stakes are high and challenges are significant. Her passion and willingness to dream larger than most think is realistic, and courage to follow through differentiates her both as a person and a professional. Tiana is a direct example and role model for what it means to ignite your passion, follow your purpose, and launch your dreams.

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