The Emotional Truth About Following Your Purpose

Have you ever felt depleted from giving and giving but knew restoration was just around the corner? Burnt out, but not counted out? Growing thin but not giving up? I think that is an accurate description of most of my 2018. Can you relate?

For weeks I’ve asked myself…what is my word to describe date I still don’t know. I’m unsure I can wrap up this year in just one word. To be honest it’s been 365 days of an intense roller coaster ride of released purpose with prayers for restoration. 

Ok, let me paint a picture.

Imagine a balloon that is filled up to the max with air, and instead of bursting, it begins to allow the air to seep out. Why? Because the balloon knows the air is best used out…than in (even if that means deflation). The balloon knows that the air inside has purpose, and that purpose is for more than just the balloon. So the air inside…must. go. 

The transition into 2018 began December of 2017. God planted me in a dark corner and I couldn’t move. As much as I wanted to move, I couldn’t. It was an uncomfortable place to be in, but soon…I surrendered.  He covered me up and told me to stay there, while He prepared other people, places and things for my sprouting.

He poured into me and watered me and I could feel the restoration. He began to resurrect areas of me that laid dormant and restored areas that had been used up from the previous year. He knew that greater was coming and I would need my strength. He knew that He had to decrease me, and give me more of Him and because of that He had to separate me from the world. 

While I was planted, my roots began to grow deeper in Him. And each root that grew had a purpose. I learned in this season to worship in spirit and in truth. My prayer life strengthened. I even managed to get my hands on some boxing gloves and I practiced my right hook, jab and learned how to fight with the word of God…Oh yeah…your girl was ready for whatever was on the other side.

Even in the darkness and covered from the world, His light beamed through and I felt the warmth of God’s love. I glowed, I was Son kissed,  and I felt His loving hand reaching and pulling me out. It was time. The sprouting had begun and I could move again. I gallantly paraded around as my purpose burst from the soil. The seed was planted, the vision was clear. It was time to produce. And I…was ready.

Balloon Filled.

And then BOOM! Suddenly permission was granted, and the purpose, like air in a balloon, that filled me up was ready to be released.  It was time for me to build my new co-working company Women’s CEO Alliance. At first I walked into doors that weren’t big enough to hold the vision. The no’s felt like daggers to my destiny  (how many of you can relate to this) but they were only preparing me for the ultimate Yes.

And I was right.

The doors that I was meant to enter, God’s glory and anointing permeated throughout, and the people were waiting with unlimited Yes’s to my requests. It was like nothing I had ever experienced, but God explained it was because of my obedience. (I need someone to catch that)

Being the great God He is, He not only walked with me every day, but He also stood in the gap of my tomorrow, and left a light on for me to follow Him in. Every day I put on my shoes of faith, and I trusted God even when I didn’t understand. I trusted God even when I couldn’t always see. I trusted God even when I grew weary. I trusted God, even when fear tried to tie my shoe strings. I trusted God.  

As I continued throughout the year, purpose continued to ooze from my pores, it glowed and it glistened, it attracted and it served…but the more it released, it bagged my eyes, jaded my days and drained my existence until many days all I could do was crawl up into a ball and rest in His arms. But the very next day, I would rise again. There was work to be done. 

Balloon Seeping.

You see, many want the popularity of purpose but don’t want the sacrifices that come with the light. And, while purpose is designed to lead you to destiny, many want to take the freeway. News flash, that’s not how any of this works. The road is full of twists and turns and your plans won’t always go as planned.  The roads may be dark and you won’t always know the next turn, but you must drive anyways.

Many want the crowd but don’t realize that few will understand the purpose, pain, and piercing of the releasing.  Few will know of the internal shakings, awakenings and deliverance that will have to take place for the work to be done. But the work, must get done.

And I worked, and I sowed, and I plowed, because the harvest that was coming was bigger than me. And while my hands became calloused and my eyes became tired, God continued to guide me and strengthened me when I became weary.

And in four short months, a watering hole in a dry place was produced. And many have come and gone, and many continue to come. Lives are changing, homes are elevating, minds are shifting, businesses are growing. And the Lord said, this is just the beginning, put back on your hard hat…the work has just begun.

Even now, when I question the validity of the vision, (Because let’s be honest, it’s easy to do) God reminds me that people believed Noah to be crazy…but then the flood came. And so I continue to work, I continue to sow, and I continue to plow, because the harvest is just now feeling the warmth of the light.

There’s no way I could wrap up this year with just one word. This year was the hardest most rewarding year of my life and business. And still…I was wife, mom, daughter, friend, coach and the leader of a movement that is breaking generational curses (the attacks that come from just that deserves it’s own separate blog), and continued to grow a profitable business. Occasionally I remembered to leave a little something for myself, many times I just got the left overs.

And then once the balloon was deflated, God allowed it to float withered and jaded into the hands of people that were waiting to fill it back up with foundational, sustainable resources and air. I realized God allowed the balloon to deflate because the next release would only be from the overflow and the balloon would never run out of air again. 


The Truth About Purpose Is…

While it is the most rewarding thing, it doesn’t work unless you obey the instructions. It doesn’t come easy, and it’s not something you can “find”. It’s the thing that is already within you, that you need to get still enough to activate. The reality is…

  • Many want the life…but aren’t ready for the sacrifices.
  • Many want the crown…but don’t want the ring of fire that comes with the crowning.
  • Many want the harvest….but don’t want to plant or even invest in the seeds
  • Many see the harvest but don’t understand the seeds that have to be planted and the tears that will have to water the soil

I don’t have one word.

That wouldn’t help you at all.

Instead of one word…I’ll share what I’ve learned this year in hopes that it can help you. Why? Because on this journey my purpose is to help you identify your purpose possibilities, and empower you to take action on the other side of your fear. Understand that on this journey, life happens, crap happens, things happen! Roll with it. Don’t allow it, to roll over you. 

 1. As you prepare for purpose, prepare for the attacks:

On the outside the lights shine bright, and on the inside the bulb questions itself and feels so alone. The reality is, as bright as your bulb burns, and as much of a light as you are, and will be…this is the very reason you will be attacked. You will be attacked mentally, spiritually,and financially…your brilliance will be attacked, your health, your family, and anything else you are connected too. Why? Because what you are carrying is destined to change the world. You feel alone because you are the one that’s trusted to carry this mantle. No one else. The enemy wants you to feel invaluable, insignificant and unimportant, but that is only a lie to deceive you into opening your door to be robbed of everything God has instilled into you. In this season you must learn to fight. Fight like your life depends…no fight because your life depends on it. Fight with the word of God. That is where you have everlasting strength. This confuses the enemy and he is no match for the power of the Lord.

2. Self care is more than a massage, but also asking for help:

The biggest trick of the enemy is making you believe weakness is a weakness. I really need someone to catch that. God said when you are weak I am strong. Baby trust me to be your strength! Ok God, I hear you. The enemy wants you to be embarrassed about being weak so much that you don’t even go to God for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in areas that you are not strong in, this isn’t just spiritually but in life, career, and business too. There are people whose destiny is connected to yours. Their harvest is wrapped up in the seed they plant into you. Don’t block someone’s harvest because you won’t allow them to help you.

 3. Expect the separation and get excited about it:

We have all heard the saying, with elevation comes separation. This is very true, however many of us think this is a negative thing. It’s not. It’s one of the best things that come with elevation. Elevation doesn’t just separate you from people, but from your limited mindset that cannot take you to your destined place. You should be getting excited about that. Don’t allow the enemy to keep you connected to a season you should have let go of a long time ago. 

4. Give from your overflow:

Don’t allow yourself to deplete and deflate from giving and giving. Make sure that you are surrounding yourself with people that can help you in your purpose, because the reality is, you can’t do it alone. That means you are gonna have to trust someone, but Listen Linda, it’s worth it. Fill up your balloon, and keep it full. The air that seeps out is what is meant for others. If you have ever flown before, the flight attendant always says…in case of emergency put on your mask first, and then assist others. Make sure that you are making your self care a priority, because what good is purpose if you aren’t well enough to pursue it. 

Restoration Is Here!

Here is what I pray 2019 brings to you…

I pray 2019 brings you complete restoration for everything that God released from you this year. I pray that He restores everything 10 fold and leaps you into your next season with an abundance of clarity, resources and prosperity. I pray that God overflows your bank account, your business, your career, your homes, your children, your movement and more. I pray that the next seed He plants in you is revealed and birthed into enlarged territories. I pray a complete renewal of your mind and complete destruction of your comfort zone. I pray that God allows you to hear what Heaven is saying about you and why you have been tasked with such a powerful purpose and graced with such a heavy anointing. And in all of this, I pray that God continues to allow you to produce and give from your overflow. In Jesus name…Amen.

I invite you to continue to join me on my journey as I war against fear, and serve purpose up on golden platters, dipped in the oil of our Father and strength of our ancestors while living the life I am destined to live. That totally sounded like Wakanda Forever lol. And I pray my journey empowers you and strengthens you to live your destined life too.

And if you, that’s reading this, are ready to take on your 2019 with clarity and a blueprint to grow your life and business I invite you to click this link and schedule a 45 minute session with me. No excuses. No fear. Just pivot. Pivot into the purposed place God has for you. It’s not easy. But it’s rewarding and necessary. And I’ll be there to guide you through. 

With Love,

Tiana Patrice

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Photography By: Jeremy Toliver of Phase 1 Photography

Makeup By: Tiphanny Andrews of Beat By Tip