Is There REALLY A Such Thing As Balance? #AskTiana Ep: 2

We’ve all been there before. You know feeling guilty about where we may or may not be putting our time. And it’s all because we have allowed the dreadful B word to hold us hostage to expectations that we can’t adhere to keep us feeling like a failure.

This week’s question comes from Sonia in Montgomery and Sonia writes…

Tiana, how do you balance being a mom in business and ensuring that your children receive the time that is needed from you?

Well Sonia, I’ll tell you this one thing, it’s not easy. But the first thing I had to do, was get my Elsa on and Let It Go.


I had to let go of the B word. Balance.

Check out what I had to say to Sonia here…

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Now, which of those steps can you implement TODAY to start moving more in alignment in your life and business? Comment below and let me hear it! Trust me, when I say, we are all in this together. 🙂

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Stay Fearless

Tiana Patrice