How To Tackle Self-Doubt #AskTiana Episode 3

Hey boo heyyyy!

Whew what a WEEK!? After a long week of tackling my own self-doubts, I checked the #AskTiana mailbox and low and behold we had a question from Tiffany in Hartford Alabama who needed my advice on tackling her limiting beliefs too.

How many of you have questioned your purpose? Your position? Your impact on the world? How many of you have allowed fear and self-doubt to creep in and convince you that you aren’t worthy, or that you don’t deserve?

It happens to all of us. Trust me, none of us are exempt. But on today’s episode of #AskTiana I give you my 3 T’s of tackling self doubt and how to move beyond it.

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Short, sweet and to the point huh? Now which of these things can you implement immediately? Comment below and let’s chat. Remember, if you’ve experienced self-doubt before, chances are someone connected to you has as well. Be sure to share this video to inspire someone else.

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See you next Wednesday for another episode of #AskTiana


Tiana Patrice