#FearlessTalk Episode 1: Patrice Cunningham Washington

Today is THE DAY yall! Are yall as excited as I am!?

Can I get a Whoop Whoop!? YESSSS!

Today is the first day of #FearlessTalk with me, Tiana Patrice and I am so excited to bring to you EACH and EVERY Friday, a new episode of inspiration, candid conversation, tips and strategies to help you live your best life on the other side of fear.

The 2016 line up is on FIRE! Do yall hear me?? Like seriously, I can’t contain my excitement.

And today, we kick off with none other than my name sake, Patrice Cunningham Washington, as we talk failing, restarting, mindset and money and of course going fearlessly in the direction of your dreams.


This conversation was so RAW! Listen, at one point, Patrice laid hands on me and tried to heal me from my money mistakes lol.

During the segment we came up with the 3 M’s of financial freedom and we want to share those with you, so click play to watch our interview right now.

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Closed Captions Available

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