Excuses…How Many Of Us Have Them? #AskTiana Ep: 1

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Now over here on the Fearless Dream Team we have been working non-stop going through your letters for the #AskTiana show and spending hours in production just to ensure I can answer your burning questions each and every week.

Now today’s question comes from Mary in Orlando, Florida. And Mary writes…

” Tiana, I’ve been dreaming of starting my own business, but I feel stuck due to not having the funds, being a single mom, and needing to wait until my children are out of school in order to follow my own dreams.  I know that you too are a mom, and felt like maybe you could answer this question to shed some light on this for me”…

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What did you think about my answer to Mary’s question? How many of you are wading in doubt and allowing fear to validate your parking in excuseville? It’s easy to do, but I’ll tell you…hiding behind your excuses will only keep you stagnant with broken dreams. It’s time to elevate to new heights and go after all that is destined just for you.

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Tiana Patrice